Best travel experiences are those recommended by locals and have close ties to local communities

My Indie World is made with love by a group of friends who believe that the best travel experiences are those that are local, are recommended by locals and have close ties to local communities.


These hidden gems are often hard to find unless you know someone who knows, if you know what we mean. Our purpose is to work with locals who know and love their destinations, so that they can curate their handpicked experiences for you.

Experiences that are made with love, fuelled by passion and driven by purpose

We want to take this love for indie travel to special places around the world, so that we can gather a global community of travelers like you who want to see local, be local, feel local wherever you go.

Henry Beh

Community Lead

Penang, Malaysia

Community Lead

The spirit of indie travel is very much alive in Henry Beh. As a young boy growing up in Penang, he’d accompany his father, a Japanese tour guide, on his tours. Although he didn’t understand a word that was said, he soaked in his home island through the eyes of the visitors. “I learnt that what we see everyday as locals is seen as different, with new eyes,” said Henry. He brings that appreciation and perspective to My Indie World in that tourism must have a local connection in order for it to be meaningful for both the traveller and the local places they visit.

Henry would love to hear from you!

Share your indie travel tips and hidden gems with him wherever you go. And of course, you can also ask Henry for his tips. He’s got lots – he still accompanies his father on tours.

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Education Fund

Education is freedom and My Indie World Education Fund will support the education of youths in local communities. We will work with established and reputable social enterprises who have ongoing scholarship programmes to support youth education. The Fund will be seeded by the founders, and part of sales proceeds will go towards the fund.