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Art & Garden
Sculpture garden where glass art meets plants. Book Now


Having been a plant collector for 30 years now, Fuan had earlier run out of space in his home in Pulau Tikus and hence, the rationale to place the plants in the new home at the durian orchard. Art and Garden was also then used as an event space, and unintentionally as more and more visitors came, the project has evolved into an eco-tourism opportunity.
A glimpse behind the scenes reveals the meticulous artistry that goes into creating Fuan’s stunning glass pieces.

Made with Love

Art & Garden project is a labor of love created by Fuan Wong, an artist and nature lover who has poured his heart into creating a serene and beautiful garden that showcases the beauty of nature. Fuan has carefully selected and arranged the plants in the garden to create a harmonious and peaceful environment, and he has also created a variety of artworks that reflect the beauty of nature. These pieces are placed throughout the garden to create a sense of unity and coherence. Fuan’s love for his work is evident in every aspect of the garden, from the intricate details in the artwork to the way the plants are tended to.

Fuelled with Passion

In a candid interview, Fuan shared the origins of his artistic journey:

I’ve always been a glass artist. And I also love gardening, especially collecting strange plants.

“I wake up at four every morning, sometimes at three o’clock. And I cannot wait to start work.
“When I wanted to do art, everybody laughed at me. All my relatives said I would surely die of hunger.
But I’ve proven them wrong.
“The most important thing is to do what will make you happy and then you will be happy,”

In addition to his glass art, Fuan’s passion extended to plants, particularly Bromeliads. He cultivated various species, including Tillandsia (airplants) and specialized ferns like Staghorns, as well as species orchids. Fuan also explored unique plants that thrive in symbiotic relationships with ants, known as myrmecophytes, and grew Tree Aloes, Sarracenias (pitcher plants), and other fascinating specimens, showcasing his appreciation for the diverse wonders of the botanical world.


Driven by Purpose

Fuan’s creation of the Art and Garden space reflects his heartfelt intention behind his art. The place serves as a culmination of everything he has cherished and found interest in throughout his life. It is a deliberate presentation of his diverse passions, showcasing the way he has lived his life.

Fuan studied landscape designing for a short time in England. And most of his time were spent visiting gardens there as England has some of the greatest gardens in the world. That included the Chelsea Flower Show.

For Fuan, art goes beyond creating pretty pictures. He believes its true purpose is to open people’s eyes to new perspectives and ways of seeing the world. It has the ability to teach, inspire curiosity, and encourage innovation, especially in the minds of young individuals.

Through his purpose-driven approach to art, Fuan aims to challenge perceptions, foster inquiry, and inspire the next generation to think differently.