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About Beyond Unique Escapes

Beyond officially opened its doors in March 2008, but our story began long before that when Fiona and Anthony, an Australian couple, made the move to Cambodia. Committed to empowering the local community, they were joined by two remarkable individuals who became integral to the team.

Sreah Leak, hailing from Siem Reap province, experienced the typical hardships faced by many Cambodian girls. At the age of ten, her family separated, and she was raised by her grandparents, later living with her aunt and uncle. Starting as a dishwasher at the guesthouse, Sreah Leak’s determination led her to learn English and acquire new skills. Through hard work and perseverance, she advanced from a dishwasher to become a Hotel Manager. She financed her own education, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Sreah Leak’s dedication to self-improvement allowed her to become fluent in English while working full-time and caring for her grandmother.

Lim, on the other hand, joined the team a few years later as an aspiring guide with a thirst for knowledge. Love blossomed, and Lim and Sreah Leak eventually married, becoming partners in Beyond. Their contributions have been invaluable in creating authentic cultural experiences that define the essence of Beyond.

Made with Love

Our definition of travel is to learn and understand way of life, traditions, culture and history of the place one travels to. So that is why we are offering what we are.

Lim which is also the owner of Beyond became an English speaking tour guide in 2004. Lim struggled to become a guide as he was only able to finish Grade 9 of his village secondary school. Lim’s homeland is 75 km away from Siem Reap city. When he was 16 years old, while helping his parents in the fields he saw his friend talking to some foreigners. He asked his friend what language they spoke and where to learn it?? After his friends told him he immediately started learning English in his homeland.

Lim then moved to Siem Reap city to stay with monks in a pagoda to study more English. Later when the Ministry of Tourism selected guides Lim sat the examination and passed. He worked as freelance tour guide for 2 years and from then on as a contracted guide with The Villa Siem Reap and Sojourn Boutique Hotel owned by Fiona and Anthony, who are also owners of Beyond. It was during this time that Lim learnt that being a guide was more about bringing his country and the temples to life that just simply telling the facts.

Today Lim is truly one of the best guides in Siem Reap. His friendly nature, ability to relate to people from all walks of life and his passion for Cambodia make him a wonderful guide.

Fuelled with Passion

The very rich traditions, culture and history are motivations for us and keeping these alive is also very important that’s why we do what we do.

Beyond team love introducing traveler to the locals big and small. This is one very cute little village inhabitant, who will grow up to do a very important job in the rice fields.

Driven by Purpose

Sharing is Caring! Our experiences are crafted to benefit both locals and travelers. Through these experiences we offer, travelers can enrich their travels and locals can generate extra income in a very sustainable way.

Ms. Sarong, accounting staff of Beyond recently received her new customized motorbike after a long wait. The bike was tailored to Sarong’s needs, with hand-operated gears, brakes, and a reverse gear. Sarong’s happiness is evident in her smile, as this new mode of transportation symbolizes freedom and independence for her. We are thrilled for Sarong and her newfound mobility.

Through the partnership with Husk Cambodia travelers can join one of the inspiring ladies from the Softies team and make their very own eco bag to take home. These women are working to ensure their children can complete high school, by earning an income they are able to help support their families and importantly their children’s education.
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