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Meet Jason & Christian

When two creative masterminds come together, they don’t just collaborate – they build dreams.

Meet Jason Chan and Christian Lee, two individuals whose paths converged to create something truly extraordinary. Jason, with his diverse background as a pianist, dancer, doctor, and actor, brings a wealth of talent and experience to the table. His journey from the stage to the screen, culminating in his iconic role as the Green Power Ranger. Meanwhile, Christian’s journey from talent agent to award-winning actor and producer is nothing short of inspiring. With accolades like the Best Actor award at the Rome Italy Asian Film Fest and the Best Family Feature award at the Houston International Film Fest, Christian’s creative prowess is undeniable.

United by their shared love for storytelling and a bond strengthened through years of friendship, Jason and Christian founded Bananamana Films. From corporate videos to independent feature films like “Jimami Tofu,” their collaboration has yielded projects that captivate audiences and resonate on a global scale.

But their journey doesn’t stop there. With the launch of Cinewav, Jason and Christian are revolutionizing the way we experience cinema. By democratizing access to the big screen, they’re empowering filmmakers to share their stories in ways that were once unimaginable.

In the hands of these two creative masterminds, dreams aren’t just realized – they’re brought to life in vivid technicolor. And as they continue to push the boundaries of storytelling, one thing is certain: the best is yet to come.

Made With Love

Source: Cinewav@Marina Keppel Bay
“This cinema was just a little dream three years ago… As my Co-founder and I walked around Singapore looking for white walls, because we couldn’t afford to buy an large inflatable screen.

We had started on the journey of creating an app to deliver synced audio to the big screen but no one believed it would work. So we were forced to create our own cinema… With just a little projector a laptop and a white wall, we made one… People started coming and paying for the experience and now when we bring friends and partners it never gets old watching their expression as they experience the magic of the big screen with immersive audio from Cinewav in an environment like this… I say:
Let cinema be anywhere and everywhere. Is the people that make cinema special.