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Inclusivity Walking Tour in Singapore
Walk with Pride, Love the Right: 84-year fight for LGBTQ+ equality Book Now


Made With Love

Isaac’s journey to Japan, where he hopped from one club to another curated by his host, left an indelible mark on him. It sparked an idea – why not share these immersive experiences as an Airbnb host? But upon returning to Singapore, he discovered a regulatory roadblock: a tour guide license was a prerequisite. Determined, Isaac decided to seize the downtime during the pandemic to obtain that crucial license, setting the stage for his next adventure.

Armed with his newfound credentials, Isaac embarked on a mission to bridge people with his local LGBTQ+ network and community.

One of the most frequently asked questions during his tours is whether Singapore has a significant LGBTQ+ history. Isaac is firm in his belief that this history didn’t originate solely from Western culture; he sees it as a genuine celebration of love, rather than something manufactured, right in his hometown.

As Isaac curated his tour content, he also gained valuable insights from his guests. He credits people like Roy Tan for archiving resources and helping him curate everything. He emphasized that there’s no shortage of resources, and he’s grateful to play a part in curating these resources to share this experience with the LGBTQ+ community and anyone interested in learning more.

Fuelled With Passion

The oldest guest on Isaac’s tour silently signed up, and despite the initial awkwardness, he humbly listened to Isaac’s commentary, shared his own stories, and kept an open mind back in year 2022.

This guest also happened to be Isaac’s oldest uncle, who is straight and married. The surprise Isaac felt when he saw his booking cannot be compared to the warmth he experienced during the tour. This memory stays with him because Isaac spent the majority of his teenage years searching for his chosen family, not knowing that his real family would one day come to find him.

Driven By Purpose

In a recent interview, Isaac shared a heartwarming experience from his tour that deeply resonated with him. He was profoundly moved when he witnessed a mother bringing her child on the tour, aiming to assist them in better understanding and accepting their true selves. He reflects on how he may not have had such an opportunity in his own past, and this realization has become his mission: to facilitate change and provide a platform for individuals to discover their authentic selves.