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JUJU Restaurant Lounge


JUJU Restaurant Lounge

Eat & Shop • Penang • Owner: CC Lee

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10 Course Seafood OMAKASE
A unique dining experience, prepared with love and imagination by musician-turned-chef, inspired by the Sun & Sea of the Mediterranean. Explore


Made with Love

My Kitchen journey started back home when I was very young. I was tasked to cook for the family meal when Mom is busy with her tailoring work. She is the first person to train me on cooking basics. I am very fortunate to have tasted many delicious food from her kitchen and this experience sets the standard for me for what is really good food. She laid out the foundation for me which leads to the birth of JUJU Restaurant Lounge.

As a musician turned chef, CC harmonizes his culinary creations with the same passion and precision he once poured into his instruments.

Fuelled with Passion

I grew up near the sea side. We spent many hours by the beach and beyond. It was our playground at that time. One vivid memory was we caught our own horse shoe crab and passed it to the fishermen nearby. They cooked it with fire and banana leaves for us. It was an unforgettable meal. So the sea and marine life has always fascinate me and now I’m on a mission to source the best local Seafood.

Driven by Purpose

Penang has a wide variety of Seafood throughout the island and mainland. I want to highlight the many world class Seafood that we can source here through my 10-Course Omakase to both local and international diners. By giving it the lightest Mediterranean touch, I want our Seafood to shine. We directly source the Seafood gems from many local fishermen who uses “sampan” boats. They are our life line. We really appreciate their hard work and dedication in bringing in the best wild caught Seafood in Penang to our table.