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Matahari Cycle Tours & Travel

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Get on your bike, explore Trails of the Lost Trades as well as states beyond Penang. Book Now


Made with Love

It started with some simple questions!

“Why are these places not on our tourism map?

Why are visitors not experiencing the real Malaysia?”

Why are guests not connecting with the ordinary folks, immersing in real life and the culture, and tasting authentic delicacies and our local cuisines?”

Some 20 years ago, we started to explore off-the-beaten paths through backroads that led us to rare findings and exceptional places. Thrilled by the experiences and extraordinary marvels of our own country, this adventure gradually led us to share the hidden value of our land and its refined allure with you and the rest of the world.

Fuelled with Passion

We created Matahari Cycle Tours to focus on one aspect – you and your authentic experience. We believe that having you as the epicenter sets us in the right direction to anticipate your every adventure dream. We constantly focus our thoughts and initiatives to present continual “Wow” moments on your outing.

We don’t make our products boring by including familiar places and letting you carry out uninteresting touristy acts. Our team looks into designing unique trips to set you off into the spirit of the country.

Your real-life adventure aims to stay connected to the natural environment, wildlife, cultural diversity, daily life, and the most authentic local food. We have strong bonding with the local folks and a good connection to the places of your visit. These traits never fail to deliver highlights, inspiring memories, and true-life stories you’ll treasure for the rest of your life.

Driven by Purpose

We know that tourism is not just the victim but contributes to climate change. Besides adopting new methods and actively seeking solutions to reducing carbon footprints, we amplified our commitment by actively advocating sustainability for all our subjects.

Teaming with learning institutes and schools, we engage students in activities that impart positive concepts. Nevertheless, the most successful and inspiring approach was getting our clients’ involvement in educating the folks on preserving, minimising, and protecting the fragile ecosystem.

To ensure local economic sustainability, we focus on small enterprises and local suppliers. We stay committed to encouraging homegrown and local produce, actively introducing and utilising native products on our tours are ways to keep them motivated and alive. Part of your tour cost also supports our local economy through special projects. For example, we create workshops and introductory events to promote our findings to the local tourism scene.