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Pearly Kee Cooking School


Pearly Kee Cooking School

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Pearly Kee Cooking Class
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Pearly Kee is a fifth generation Penang Nyonya and well-known food ambassador for Penang. Her popular Nyonya cooking classes have attracted students from all over the world, drawn by her cheeky, feisty style. She has also appeared on numerous cooking programmes aired throughout Asia, showcasing the best of Nyonya cuisine.

Pearly kee with Kasey and Karina, the winners of NZ Master chef and had their own TV program called Kitchen Diplomac.

Made With Love

In Pearly’s perspective, the charm of traditional food lies in the slow cooking process. She admires the way these dishes are prepared, which brings back bittersweet memories from her childhood. During that time, Pearly and her sister stayed with their aunt, who ensured they contributed their fair share of household chores. These responsibilities included grinding rice flour to make tapai, bedak sejuk, and laksa noodles. For a 7-year-old, it felt like a strict routine that deprived her of the chance to play and enjoy her weekends and school holidays.

“It felt like I was being punished,” Pearly reminisced. “Every task seemed never-ending. I can still recall the pain of folding kuih kapit until my fingers burned and being scolded for not accurately dotting the kuih bangkit. Most of my kuih bangkit was rejected because the dots were not perfect.”

Pearly’s friends often questioned whether she had finished all the cutting, cooking, and cleaning. She found this to be a peculiar inquiry because her love for cooking had effortlessly become an integral part of her life.

Pearly showcased her little herb garden to Will Merrick, a Scottish-born, Australian-speaking chef, after taking him on a market tour, a customary activity she organized for her guests.

Fuelled with Passion

Pearly Kee’s passion for cooking extends beyond the boundaries of everyday life. For her, going on holidays doesn’t mean taking a break from the kitchen; instead, it presents an opportunity for culinary exploration and new gastronomic adventures.

Pearly had so much fun in Hobart, home to Neil and Vanessa Broadbridge, a sous chef from Tasmanian Government House. Neil was an awesome guest first to her cooking school. They had kept in contact and when she told him she love to come for holidays, both Neil and his wife welcome them to their home.

Driven By Purpose

Pearly ‘s cooking is not only driven by purpose but also extends to making a positive impact on others. Her desire to share her knowledge of Nyonya cooking through cooking classes is a testament to her commitment to preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of Nyonya cuisine. By teaching others, she ensures the continuation of this culinary tradition for future generations to enjoy.

In addition to her cooking classes, Pearly also dedicates her time to guiding special needs adults in cooking as part of a living skills program. Parents bring their children for extra culinary activities after school or work. She recognizes the value of culinary skills in fostering independence and enhancing the lives of individuals with special needs.