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Siem Reap Photographer


Siem Reap Photographer

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Made With Love

I absolutely love what I do! I’m always pushing myself to learn and grow, constantly exploring new horizons in photography. Creating incredible and stunning images, both in terms of creativity and technical skills, is what truly excites me about every opportunity I take on. I believe that to be a successful photographer, one needs to have a healthy obsession with image creation. From capturing shots to witnessing my images come alive during the editing process, I still experience the same exhilaration that inspired me to embark on my photographic journey.

Additionally, I have a genuine appreciation for meeting new people from all over the world, which makes my profession a perfect fit for me. Being able to create everlasting memories for individuals is what truly fuels my love for photography.

Fuelled with Passion

I absolutely love sharing my passion with others! After years of exploring every nook and cranny of Siem Reap, and searching for the most breathtaking photo spots, I’ve gained extensive knowledge of the most unique locations. I’ve learned how to avoid the crowds and capture the perfect light at the best times. It’s this expertise that gets me even more excited to guide fellow photographers from around the world who share the same passion. I want them to experience what I see and feel, providing them with the same opportunity to capture amazing shots and create unforgettable memories.

Driven by Purpose

Through my documentary projects, I aim to bring attention to important issues and offer a glimmer of hope to people. By capturing and sharing the events I witness, I strive to shed light on significant matters and inspire positive change. Whether I’m covering events or collaborating with NGOs and charities, I provide photo coverage, video coverage, interviews, and photojournalism services. I am genuinely passionate about making a difference, which is why I am willing to adjust my rates for NGO and charity work that aligns with my interests. Together, through visual storytelling, we can raise awareness and contribute to a better world.

Global Hand Washing Day

A significant number of young Cambodians seek employment as manual laborers in Thailand, making fluency in Thai a valuable skill to possess. Similarly, the demand for Korean language proficiency has risen due to the presence of numerous Korean companies in Cambodia. As these subjects are not taught in government-funded schools, students turn to institutions like The New Life School to further their education.

From Geoff’s captured photo, it is evident that despite the challenges posed by poor lighting and limited funding, the volunteers’ unwavering passion and indomitable spirit shine through.