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About Vathana Nguon, Founder of Siem Reaper

Born and raised in Cambodia, Vathana founded Siem Reaper in 2017. He was working in the travel industry in Siem Reap when he realized that there was a market for a company that showed travelers the insider track and hidden gems that only locals know. He firmly believes that the best way to explore a country and its landscape, culture, and people is to travel with a local insider. Vathana also has a passion for immersive cultural experiences that have a positive impact on local communities.

A special moment back in 2021 when Vathana Nguon (left) celebrated 5 years of friendship with his friend cum business partner, Hokmeng Pon (right). One brought forth the ideas, while the other wholeheartedly supported his best friend’s vision.

Made with Love

Siem Reaper was created and named “Siem Reap Insider“. The choice of name reflects the travel enthusiasm of the founders, who are also managing directors and passionate about exploring the less-known regions.

Since then, it has grown into a social enterprise on a mission to continuously grow and promote community tourism. It is committed to empowering local communities through sustainable tourism practices that provide economic, environmental, and social benefits for all. Its conviction: Anyone who gets involved in the journey that characterizes Siem Reaper’s trips encounters the country and its people in a much more conscious and intensive way.

Fuelled with Passion

We are proud to be Inside Travel Experts, Specializing in Cycling Tours. With 10 years of experience in touring, we meticulously design your tour so you can have a truly amazing experience. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, we’ll make sure you love our tours, led by local guides. They will share their personal stories to bring even more meaning to the places you visit.

The Siem Reaper’s guide which are – Siem Reaper’s sharing heart revealing the hearbeat of their city.

Driven by Purpose

We operate in a responsible manner to protect our local culture and environment, as well as youth development in our community. We’ve made a commitment to be a responsible business and we live up to this promise every single day.

We are opening the Local Guide Training Center, which is offering all interested young Cambodians a unique opportunity to receive professional training and become qualified tour guides for our company. Through this training center, we hope to provide more job opportunities as well as valuable skills and experience to the youth of Cambodia.