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Tiong Bahru & Heritage Mural Hunting
See splendid architecture and chat with friendly local shop owners. Book Now
Night Rides
You Drink, We Drive! Great for Hen, Stag and Friday nights. Book Now
Heritage & Food Ride: Kampong Glam Hall of Fame Tour
The murals blend Kampong Gelam's classic energy with a contemporary sense of exploration and adventure. Book Now
Crazy Rich Asians Sidecar Tour
Step into the World of Crazy Rich Asians: A Tour Inspired by Kevin Kwan's Book. Book Now


Meet Pencils and Carter

Pencils is a Kucinta (or Singapura) cat, native to these tropical shores and knows his way very much off the well trodden path (and drains) of this island city, in both night and day.

The origins of his counterpart Carter is a little less known. As far as Carter recalls, his earliest memory is of peering up at the smiling passenger in the sidecar in which he was discovered back in 2013. His well trained nose and senses make him a perfect guide and companion for Pencils, as the pair ride around Singapore sniffing out exciting new experiences for their much beloved visitors.

Made With Love

Simon Wong’s journey with vintage Vespa sidecars began serendipitously. Approximately twelve years ago, he stumbled upon meticulously restored Vespa bikes while strolling past shophouses in his neighborhood. After three days of admiring these beauties, he finally met the owner, Johnny Chen, the mastermind behind the restoration work. What initially began as a collaborative charity project, using the sidecars as stationary attractions for people to capture memorable moments, quickly evolved into something more significant.

Simon and Johnny’s conversations and efforts grew into larger events and eventually gave birth to a thriving business. Simon decided to offer these unique vehicles for an intimate and distinct way of touring heritage sites and popular destinations in Singapore, including places like Kampong Glam and Joo Chiat, which instantly captivated everyone who experienced it.

As Simon puts it, “You have vintage stores in Haji Lane, and when people ride down the lane in the Vespa sidecars, the entire street comes to life. The crowd pauses, waves, smiles, and captures the moment with their cameras.”