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About Sombai

Sombai – pronounced as “som bai” – means “some rice, please” in Khmer.

The main idea behind Sombai was to provide a product that is both beautiful and tasty. It is an old dream that we made come true. In fact, when we arrived in Siem Reap we were quite disappointed with what was on the market because few products were made in Siem Reap.

Our best friends were about to come visit us. What a great opportunity to spend quality time together! We wanted to make barbecues with fish and poultry from the area, prepare large fruit salads, mix delicious smoothies and make them discover good local drinks … Everything was there, except good local drinks. We then decided to do it ourselves, with local products and knowledge acquired in the islands that matches a local tradition of Cambodia.

And then we wondered how to create beautiful packaging with a local touch. We went to a school in the city where young Cambodians were learning to paint. Some seemed clearly talented, and a few even gifted. We asked them if they knew how to paint on glass. And yes, they could do it! It was way beyond what we were hoping for.

Then friends, who manage bars and restaurants in town, wanted to offer Sombai to their clients. They are actually always looking for new products made in Siem Reap.

So, that is how everything started…

Made with Love

We want to give a true vision of Khmer product but twisting it to make it yummy and unique!

Visiting, shopping and free testing of a local alcoholic jam.

Fuelled with Passion

Sombai’s hand-painted bottles are crafted by talented young Cambodian artists, who skillfully depict Angkor, the Apsara dancers, the Cambodian countryside, and daily life on the Tonle Sap Lake. 

Driven by Purpose

Local, ethic and eco-friendly as much as we can
Sombai is committed to promoting inclusion and diversity by integrating mute and deaf painters into their staff. By providing opportunities for these artists to live with dignity and pursue their passion, Sombai is creating a workplace where everyone can thrive. In addition, Sombai takes responsibility for the well-being of their staff by establishing a “Sombai Family Fund” to provide support for any of their employees’ needs. This demonstrates Sombai’s commitment to creating a caring and supportive work environment where everyone can feel valued and respected.

Phalla Nov is a talented artist from Battambang who, despite being deaf and mute, has found a way to express his passion through his art. Through his work painting bottles for Sombai, he communicates and speaks to others through his unique and creative pieces.