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SPOONS Café and Restaurant


SPOONS Café and Restaurant

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SPOONS Café and Restaurant
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Everything's Gonna Be OK (EGBOK)

SPOONS Cambodia Organization originated as EGBOK Mission, providing support and training to disadvantaged Cambodians in the hospitality industry. EGBOK grew into its own Training and Internship Program, recognized by the Cambodian Government, with over 200 alumni now employed in top hospitality jobs.

Justus (Right) founded the EGBOK (Everything’s Gonna Be OK) Mission

In 2016, SPOONS Café and Restaurant opened, expanding EGBOK’s culinary program and generating profits to support their mission. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the Cambodian team embraced the vision and transitioned EGBOK into a local NGO, forming SPOONS Cambodia Organization. This rebranding ensured the continuity of their work and the preservation of the EGBOK legacy, with assets transferred to the new entities.

Mao Sophany (Middle) became the SPOONS Cambodia director after convincing EGBOK’s board to allow the Cambodian staff to take over the NGO with a focus on local fundraising. While she worried about being ready for the high level of responsibility, the NGO would have shut down if she had not taken the leadership post.

Made With Love

SPOONS Café and Restaurant is a full-service restaurant, student training facility, and multi-purpose space serving authentic and creative Cambodian cuisine. The restaurant enables students to practice their learnings in a hands-on practical setting. 100% of the restaurant profits are used to support SPOONS Cambodia Organization and its students. It was found in 2016 and have been running with love by our Cambodian team.

Fuelled With Passion

With the passion of providing quality education to underprivileged young adults and creating decent work opportunity to the community and our people, our 18 Cambodian team members gather and thrive together through all struggles to keep SPOONS Cafe Restaurant alive until today even during Covid-19. We are fully motivated and working hard to reach our organizational goals to be the most recognized social enterprise restaurant in Siem Reap that promote local foods and good cause to the tourists, expat, and community.

In the close-knit community of SPOONS trainees, a cherished tradition unfolds as birthdays are joyously celebrated. Together, they gather, sharing laughter, heartfelt wishes, and creating lasting memories, fostering bonds that go beyond the confines of the training program.

Driven By Purpose

Our restaurant focuses on sustainability and is built out of sustainably-harvested bamboo. We serve as a model for environmentally conscious construction, raise awareness about the deforestation crisis, practice the 4Rs, and compost all waste where possible.

As part of the country-wide “Refill Not Landfill campaign, we used to sell reusable bottles and serve as a ‘Water Refill Station’ to cut back on the 4.6 million water bottles discarded by tourists every month.

SPOONS works with local suppliers to ensure we serve only fresh foods and sustainably produced and lift up our community by supporting local social enterprises and businesses in Siem Reap. The high employment rate in Cambodia with qualified human resources will indeed be a part of poverty reduction and sustainable community development. SPOONS Café proceeds to support the costs of running SPOONS Organization—drawing us closer to becoming financially stable and a business whose work continues for the long run.

We are an extension of the Organization’s classroom, where students gain the skills and experience they need to succeed in their future careers. SPOONS is also home to a knowledgeable team of chefs and hospitality professionals, who provide expert training and experience to our students and serve as invaluable role models. The operation is a small way to help students practice what they are learning, lifting themselves and their families out of poverty. From 2009 to date, 530 students successfully completed the Hospitality Development Program (HDP).