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The Edison George Town

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The Edison Hotel
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The Edison Hotel

The 110-year-old Anglo-Chinese mansion, once called Venus, was built by Yeoh Wee Gark, a Hokkien tycoon, a community leader and a contemporary of Cheong Fatt Tze, a Hakka tycoon, who built the famous Blue Mansion across the road on Leith Street. Yeoh was part of a syndicate of Hokkien tycoons who controlled opium importation into the Straits Settlements through the Penang Opium & Spirit Farm. The mansion was sold to the Lim Lean Teng Foundation after World War II.

The mansion is a classic example of Straits Eclectic style featuring an Anglo-Indian bungalow structure with European architectural features and fittings like Scottish metalwork. It was a time when Western-educated Chinese tycoons flaunted their wealth in ostentatious homes.

Made With Love

The company behind The Edison George Town – ET Hospitality Ventures Sdn Bhd – is a subsidiary of ET Group, which is helmed by veteran Singaporean hotelier Eddie Tan. Mr Tan was formerly a general manager with the Mandarin group. He last held the post at Marina Mandarin (from 1997 to 2005) before he moved to Penang and based his hotel and property consultancy there, running it with his son Eugene and daughter-in-law, Rina.

The name “Edison” holds a deeper meaning for Rina Teoh, Eugene, and Eddie Tan, symbolizing their collective vision and aspirations for their hotel brand. The combination of their initials, “Edi” from Eddie Tan and “son” from Eugene, represents the generational connection and collaborative spirit between them.

Besides, since Edison is also the last name of light bulb inventor Thomas Edison, they decided to put in unique chandeliers featuring light bulbs instead of the traditional ornate glass chandeliers.

Fuelled with Passion

The Edison Hotel Penang is the embodiment of Rina and Eugene’s shared passion for hospitality and their commitment to providing exceptional experiences. They want to bring back the romance of staying in hotels, back to the days when people go to hotels to enjoy the hospitality and be treated like royalty, where their beds are turned down in the evenings with chocolate for their nightcap and wine in the evenings.

Driven by Purpose

The Edison Hotel Penang not only represents a luxury accommodation but also embodies a greater purpose. Situated in the heart of George Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, the hotel stands as a tribute to Penang’s cultural heritage. The restoration and transformation of the historic mansion, guided by the Lim Lean Teng Foundation, showcase Rina, Eugene, and Eddie’s commitment to preserving Penang’s rich history. By blending old-world charm with contemporary elegance, they aim to provide guests with an immersive experience that celebrates the unique identity of Penang and contributes to its cultural preservation.

The incongruous fountain, complete with the figurine of a man fishing on what appears to be a craggy mountainside with a gazebo on one side and a dragon spouting water, was also kept due to heritage guidelines.