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Tropical Spice Garden


Tropical Spice Garden

Play • Penang • Owner: Katharine Chua

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Tropical Spice Garden Cooking School
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Tropical Spice Garden
Six acres of garden haven, with plants and spices. Book Now


Made with Love

We began with a simple love for gardens and the need to tell the Penang story through the eyes of the spice trade so intricately caught up in the history of this region.

We like to see ourselves as a repository of ancient wisdom in the told and untold stories of the plants, the collected experiences of visitors, both human and animal, and also a place of respite and reconnection to the earth.

We love to create experiences that keep us connected with the community who together feel a part and grow with the gardens.


Fuelled with Passion

The gardens itself inspires us! Through all its seasons, it calls out to be looked at and acknowledged for its beauty and knowledge and everything it can offer us. The forest really doesn’t need us but we are in desperate need of everything it provides us.

There are fewer and fewer outdoor spaces in Penang to gather and share beautiful human exchanges and experiences so we need to continue to protect and nurture this space for this to happen.

The most magical times are when I am alone in the gardens, alone on the pathways, alone enveloped in this womb and I think, more people deserve to experience this wonder.

Driven by Purpose

Never has it been so clear how much we need our open, natural spaces. And we at Tropical Spice Garden believe everyone should have access to these places – more of our lives should happen in these spaces – we need to breathe and soak in the thick humid air laden with phytoncides (that boosts our immune system) and watch our stress and cortisol levels decrease and creativity increase by bathing in the forest!

From taking a stroll through the gardens to joining our community gardens to participating in a workshop here, the time spent here is hugely beneficial on so many different levels – so we continue to do what we do so many more can benefit.