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Penang’s Curator

Ooi Geok Ling

Geok Ling’s love for travel and Penang was planted very early on. Her father was one of the island’s top tour guides and often, he would bring his customers home for “kopi” and she’d sit and listen to their conversations. Sometimes, she’d accompany him on his tours.

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Singapore’s Curator

Annie Lin

Annie Lin is a free-spirited individual who loves to explore different cultures and cuisines around the world. She is an avid traveller who loves to try new foods and drinks and immerse herself in the local customs and traditions of the places she visits. 

Annie has a great passion for life and loves to play golf and be happy. She enjoys meeting new people and making new friends wherever she goes.

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Siem Reap’s Curator

Dara Huot

Dara is a dreamer at heart and traveller at large. A champion of social causes, he works and plays big with the 47 artists and 70 team members of Phare Performing Social Enterprise (PPSE), which supports the Phare Ponleu Selpak school in its mission of revitalising arts in Cambodia and creating professional opportunities for youths.

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