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Campbell House


Campbell House

Eat & Shop • Penang • Owner: Roberto & Nardya

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Little Italian oasis offering a taste of La Dolce Vita while in Penang. Explore
Campbell House Penang
Campbell House is a luxury heritage-inspired boutique hotel located in the heart of George Town city, Penang. Explore


Campbell House

The Campbell House building has stood since 1903, boasting a unique three-story Straits Chinese corner plot. Initially designed as a budget hotel catering to pilgrims awaiting vessels to Mecca, Hainanese sailors boarding working ships, and later serving as a residence for upscale working ladies during the 1920s.

Previously known as the Tai Loke Hotel and abandoned for seven years before Roberto and Nardya’s purchase in 2008, the building had deteriorated and retained few of its original features. Determined to restore its former glory, Roberto and Nardya embarked on a significant renovation project. Utilizing local traditional tradesmen, they transformed the building while preserving its original structure and essence. The result is a boutique hotel offering 11 luxury bedrooms that seamlessly blend Colonial charm and Asian heritage. Additionally, the hotel features an authentic yet modern Italian restaurant, further enhancing the guest experience.

Made with Love

Roberto and Nardya, a passionate husband and wife team, brought their love and dedication to Campbell House. With one of them hailing from Italy and the other a mix of Malay and English, they met while working at the Ritz Casino and Hotel in London. Both sharing a passion for hospitality, they dreamed of opening a boutique hotel that would showcase everything they enjoy and love when traveling.

Fuelled with Passion

Roberto and Nardya’s passion for hospitality and their commitment to Campbell House have never waned. They invested their funds, efforts, and emotions into establishing a boutique hotel that goes beyond the ordinary. Their ambition is not only to offer a unique accommodation option in Penang but also to create lasting memories for each guest who stays at Campbell House. Their unwavering enthusiasm and dedication continue to drive them, ensuring that every guest receives an exceptional and memorable experience.

Driven by Purpose

In 2008, before the UNESCO listing of Georgetown, Roberto and Nardya took a gamble and purchased the building in a rundown state. They gave up their corporate lifestyle in London and moved to Penang in 2010, driven by their ambition to offer a boutique hotel experience that stands out from the rest. Using their own funds, determination, and hard work, they opened the doors to Campbell House in 2011, with a clear purpose of creating a memorable service experience for each guest.