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Jaya House River Park


Jaya House River Park

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Jaya House River Park
A boutique riverside hotel offering tranquility and cultural proximity. Explore
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Meet Christian de Boer, Managing Director, Jaya House River Park

Christian embarked on a mission to create a hotel that truly cares for its staff, the community, and the environment. With a vision to eliminate plastic waste, he pioneered the “Refill not Landfill” initiative and established the Made in Cambodia Market, supporting local artisans. Jaya House became the first plastic-free hotel in Siem Reap, embodying Christian’s commitment to sustainability and community welfare.

Made With Love

We believe in taking action rather than just talking, and letting our actions speak for themselves. Living in the enchanting Kingdom of Cambodia grants me access to numerous initiatives that truly deserve our financial support, such as The Cambodian Landmine Museum, Rehash Trash, and The Small Art School Cambodia. We understand the significance of creating job opportunities, as it not only adds value to individuals but also strengthens local communities. As a hotel, we make a conscious choice to support our local economy by sourcing items locally whenever feasible. For instance, instead of purchasing wall furniture through conventional channels, we decided to collaborate with the Small Art School, a local NGO. We commissioned more than 80 paintings by their talented adult students, portraying beloved Khmer celebrities. This not only provides employment but also adds a touch of local artistry and charm to our hotel.

Fuelled With Passion

Our success is because of our staff. Thanks to my time at Virgin Airlines and the lessons learned from Richard Branson I have understood that happy staff means happy guests. It’s my number one priority to take care of my staff so they can take care of our guests and show the absolute beauty of Cambodia and its people.

Driven by Purpose

Social impact and ecology have been intrinsic to Jaya House Hotels since its inception. There is no hotel without the community— and to be a good and successful hotel we need to be sustainable. I also think that these days consumers are more aware of environmental issues and they demand that the brands that they consume or relate with to be implementing these changes.

The team at Jaya House actively supports different NGO’s on a monthly basis with a simple cheque.

1. Green Gecko Center for Street Children: Empowering families living in poverty to care for their children, breaking the cycle of begging, and creating positive change in society.


2. The Cambodian Landmine Relief Fund: Educating the public about the dangers of landmines and supporting education for Cambodian youth to secure a better future.

3. The Small Art School Siem Reap: Providing free and quality art education to children, nurturing their talent and creativity.

4. Made in Cambodia Market: Creating jobs, enhancing lives, and incomes by promoting locally made products.

5. Covid-era Initiative: Donating 54,000 plastic-free and styrofoam-free meals throughout Siem Reap province in collaboration with other hotels.

We invite you to participate in our nutritional book drive by purchasing one or more of these books before your visit to Jaya House River Park. When you bring these books with you in your suitcase, they will embark on a meaningful journey to reach Cambodian children who lack access to books. For them, books are not a given, but a precious luxury. By supporting this initiative, you can make a difference in their lives and provide them with educational resources that they truly appreciate. Together, let’s ensure that these books find their way to the hands of Cambodian children, opening doors to knowledge and opportunities they deserve.