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Shop Howard

Eat & Shop • Penang • Owner: Howard Tan

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Shop Howard
A unique, eclectic shop curated by photographer Howard Tanwww.studiohoward.com Book Now


Made with Love

After working in the software industry for nearly 10 years, Penang-born Howard Tan decided he had had enough and took a chance to switch to working in photography. He started off by selling his photography prints in local arts and crafts markets, then subsequently running his own gallery and shop.
Howard also has an interest in collecting old Malaysian black and white photographs and books from the flea markets. His latest works involve turning these old prints and images into collages, a new narrative of his art and his subconscious impulses. These have been very well received and are his favourite mode of expression.

Photo Credit: K.E.Ooi

Fuelled with Passion

A self-taught abstract photographer, Howard loves to play with colours, which is evident when you step into his shop. He is known to dabble with a cornucopia of subjects from major historical buildings in Malaysia to playful characters of stray cats and dogs.

Driven By Purpose

Howard is passionate about the nostalgia engendered when he roots about in old towns and their flea markets with their vintage offerings from a time gone by, something he wants to share with the world through his photographs.

A talented photographer and collage artist who finds joy in exploring the diverse landscapes of Malaysia while seeking new possibilities for artistic expression. With a passion for capturing moments and creating unique visual compositions, Howard’s artistic journey takes him on inspiring walks throughout the country, continuously pushing the boundaries of his craft. Through his art, Howard invites viewers to see Malaysia from a fresh perspective and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.