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Taste Siem Reap

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Hidden Gems of Siem Reap
Siem Reap’s best kept secrets, contemporary Cambodian art, Khmer and French cuisine. Book Now
Khmer Discovery
Siem Reap’s best chefs, authentic Cambodian cuisine, progressive dinner. Book Now
Cocktail Crawl (With Dinner)
Cocktail making class, Siem Reap’s best bars, inspirational interiors. Book Now
Vegan Discovery
Siem Reap’s top vegan restaurants, plant-based dishes, innovative Cambodian chefs. Book Now
Family Food Tour Adventure
Kid-friendly restaurants, pretty gardens to play in, the best gelato in Siem Reap. Book Now
Art + Shopping, Coffee + Cocktails
Contemporary art, Siem Reap’s best shops, coffee to start and tapas at sunset to end. Book Now
Phare Circus Dinner (Adults)
Enjoy a Siem Reap evening of fun, based around a performance at Phare, The Cambodian Circus. Book Now
Phare Circus Dinner (Family)
Enjoy a family evening out in Siem Reap, based around a performance at Phare, The Cambodian Circus. Book Now


About Evi-Elli La Valle, Founder

After growing up in London followed by a stint in Melbourne, both happening, buzzy cities, I was astounded when I moved to Siem Reap in 2015 by the number of eclectic dining experiences, watering holes and art spaces to visit. Taste Siem Reap was born with the idea of allowing visitors to Siem Reap to experience as much as possible (of the good stuff) in one evening. Why limit yourself to one restaurant or one bar when you can visit a few different places all with a dedicated tuk tuk driver for the evening.

Favourite taste: Amok is the unofficial national dish of Cambodia.

Made with Love

Taste Siem Reap was created to help support local businesses and help visitors to Siem Reap discover some of the best restaurants, bars and galleries in town….places that they might not find on their own. We save you having to do hours of research and we monitor our venues regularly through guest feedback and our own experience. Book a Taste Tour and we will take you to 3 or 4 of the best venues in town in one evening.

Fuelled with Passion

Having grown up in London followed by a stint in Melbourne, Evi is a city girl at heart. She was so pleasantly surprised when she moved to Siem Reap in 2015 to discover so many amazing places to eat, drink and shop. She created Taste because she loves to support small businesses and to help get visibility for the amazing hidden gems of Siem Reap.

Taste Siem Reap’s amazing team of tuk tuk drivers

Driven by Purpose

The best feedback she gets from a Taste tour is when her guests return to one of the venues the next day and that happens a lot! So often her guests fall in love with somewhere and go back for a full meal the following day. For some of the venues they work with, Taste has become one of the their most important partners since we launched in 2018 and that makes Evi so happy, to be able to bring customers to them who otherwise might not have gone there.