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Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm


Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm

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Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm
Nature’s largest classroom and discovery hub, contained within two worlds – The Natureland and The Cocoon. Over 150 species of fauna and more than 200 species of flora. Book Now


Made with Love

Penang Butterfly Farm began its journey with David Goh, at that time, a young teacher with interest and passion for butterflies.

Lord of the butterflies: Entrepreneur Clive Farrell with a his favourite insect
Inspired by Clive Farrell, the owner of the Stratford Butterfly Farm at Stratford-on-Avon in England, he set out to establish a tropical butterfly farm in 1986 as a tourist destination in Penang, which eventually served as a centre for education, recreation and entomological research.

It soon became well known for its tropical butterfly conservation, research and breeding work by researchers and butterfly houses worldwide and therefore became recognised as the Tropical World’s First Butterfly & Insect Sanctuary.

In 2015, its shutters came down temporarily to make way for a major redevelopment. Penang Butterfly Farm had realised a new paradigm of its purpose, and rebranded itself into Entopia, setting a new global benchmark as a unique Nature Learning destination for visitors of all ages. With a mission to inspire and educate visitors about our natural world, Entopia is now led by the eldest son of David Goh, Joseph, as its Chief Executive Officer.

Joseph Goh, explaining the concept behind Entopia.
Photo Credit: Nanda Lakhwani, Penang Monthly

Fuelled with Passion

For years, people remember Penang Butterfly Farm as a place surrounded by thousands of butterflies, but now, we are bringing out the beauty of natures’ other critters as well. They are the invertebrates, the unseen heroes or the silent majority. They represent 80% of life on earth and yet people know so little about these wonders of nature and the hard work they do to keep the balance of nature.

So, Entopia exist to give them and nature a voice. It aims to bring the best of the insect world and the plant world together for visitors to rediscover the harmony in nature. By sharing knowledge of the natural world – both seen and unseen, we hope to make a difference one act, one volunteer, one community at a time.

Setting up the butterfly feeder station with Pakcik Ishak that is filled with red coloured hibiscus to attract butterflies.

Driven by Purpose

As human beings, we talk, we share and we tell our stories our way. But as responsible human beings, we Entopians help the voiceless living share their stories through our voices. We are the voice of nature and we inspire people to reconnect with nature, through magical moments in Entopia, We strive hard to create the realisation of joy by being with nature and will continue to carry our organisation vision and mission ensuring every step is a step towards living in harmony with Mother Nature.